Let’s Know About the Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

There are numerous benefits of ketogenic diet which can be discussed. It is true that low carbohydrate diets have always been in debate since times immemorial. They were at first banned by the fat fearing people in the society including the health professionals. People believe that these diets would increase the cholesterol levels and do a lot of damage to the heart.

They always believed that this would raise the incidences of cardiovascular diseases. But here are some benefits of ketogenic diet which is surely going to be an eye opener for most of us.

Benefit No. 1

  • Low carbohydrate diet reduces appetite not in a bad way but in a good way. It means it reduces the urge to in take more and more food time after time. This besides filling the stomach also keeps your health good.
  • According to some recent studies, it has been proved that when people cut out on carbohydrates and take in more protein and fat, they eat very few calories as compared to that when they eat carbs.

Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

Benefit No. 2

  • Low carbohydrate diet leads to a greater weight loss. If one wants to lose weight, the most easiest and convenient way is to cut out on the carbohydrate intake. Studies have proven that it is the biggest benefit of ketogenic diet that it leads to substantial weight loss faster.
  • One of the reasons why such a diet is helpful is because it helps in getting the body of rid of excessive amount of water. Since, the ketogenic diets lower insulin levels in the body, the renal system starts shedding of excess amount of sodium leading to rapid weight loss in 2-4 weeks.
  • Low carbohydrate diet is very beneficial and effective up to 6 months but the weight may be put on when people start taking it for granted and again start the intake. Therefore, it is very important to stick to it as long as possible.

Benefit No. 3

  • There are various kinds of fat in our body mainly visceral and subcutaneous fat. The accumulation of these fats at particular places determines whether their deposition is good or bad.
  • On one hand where subcutaneous fat is apprehensively good, visceral fat tends to accumulate around the organs and creates problems. Accumulation of a lot of fat around the visceral organs leads to their dysfunction. This dysfunction disrupts their normal metabolic function. Therefore low carbohydrate diet is very good in reducing the harmful abdominal fat.

Benefit No. 4

  • Triglycerides are basically fat molecules that tend to accumulate and cause obesity. The main cause leading to their increase is their higher in take in the form of sugars mainly fructose. When people cut on the carbohydrates, they tend to have decreased or we should say accurate levels of triglycerides in the body thus leading to decrease in certain cardiovascular problems.

Ketogenic Diet

Benefit No. 5

  • The cholesterol that we say is bad for health is not always bad that is there are two kinds of cholesterol in the body good and bad, the bad one is the low density cholesterol that takes fat from liver to the body and deposits it there leading to increase in the peripheral fat and thus obesity. Whereas the high density cholesterol is very beneficial and takes the fat from the periphery to the liver for its proper metabolism.
  • The increase in take in the amount of high density cholesterol leads to decrease in the incidences of cardiovascular diseases.

Benefit No. 6

  • The major benefit of ketogenic diet is that it reduces the blood sugar levels and insulin levels leading to major improvement in the type 2 diabetes. When we eat fewer carbohydrates, of course less amount of sugar will be produced in our body thus leading to save ourselves from the harmful diseases called diabetes. This is very beneficial for the people to learn and know who are diabetic.

Benefit No. 7

  • The blood pressure tends to fall down when you opt for a low carbohydrate diet. This is very helpful for people who are hypertensive.

Benefit No. 8

  • The metabolic syndromes can also be prevented with the help of these low carbohydrate diets.

Benefit No. 9

  • As mentioned above, low carb diet improves the level of Low density cholesterol

Benefit No. 10

  • Since hypertension is being controlled by this low carbohydrate diet, it decreases the incidences of brain strokes and other brain disorders.

These above mentioned benefits of ketogenic diet suggest that it is good to opt for such diet plans as these are good for our body and health. You will also be able to lose weight in less time.

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